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Experiential Design/Gallery Installation Work

The following images capture the essence of Jayden's successful designs for experience, in art gallery shows and installations.

Senior Thesis Gallery Show

Jayden's most recent gallery exhibition was a 2021 event at Eckerd College where they showcased their senior thesis gallery show before graduating.

DES 1.gif

01 - Start

The Original Animation

This was the original image, a self-portrait animation that shared what was going on inside my head.

02 - Development

The Experimentation

I experimented with non-traditional ways to display the original animation. Working with LED RGB lights that could phase in and out of colors. I calibrated the print in so that one sheet of paper could cycle through the animation.


03 - Playfulness


I decided to play around with scale, enlarging the image/animation to be larger-than-life. After determining that I could wheat-paste a collaged enlargement onto walls, I went full-steam ahead.

04 - Environment Creation


Working with a increasingly limited budget from their educational institution, I was able to create a make-shift dark room to facilitate the LED-light sensitive animation on a large scale inside a gallery.

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