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Meet Venus

A gallery/studio/library/hangout space made by the incredible female artists who founded the Saint Pete Women's Collective nonprofit. Venus is home to artists who are allies, and a creative community that supports each other.

Venus - Brand Work 

Venus was everything at once with a few important core values to boot

I started my work for Venus in late January of 2020 and we had really big ideas for events and campaigns. I was killing it handling multiple projects at once. And then, international pandemic COVID-19 took its spotlight for the year.

However, both before and during the pandemic outbreak, I worked onsite and remotely with the leadership of Venus to create print materials, boost social media engagement, promote events (both virtual and in-person), and increase their audience and add new campaigns in Mailchimp.

How To:



In my first month at Venus, I created a couple of booklets to distribute at our on-site events. This booklet was also distributed at the Localtopia festival in February. I looked to art students within my personal circle for advice on what ways to support artists are most appreciated.

How To:



This was one of two booklets I created for distribution by Venus. In this second booklet, I found a great resource in the podcast NPR Life Kit and their episode on making a habit for art creation.


Localtopia is an annual festival in the city of Saint Petersburg celebrating all things local: artists, restaurants, breweries, food trucks, and other organizations and businesses.

Venus was invited to join in on the fun on a very cold February morning. I helped create materials for and set up our experience tent, which had my aforementioned booklet, new business cards designed by me, and Venus-sponsored activities for ranges of ages.

Photos courtesy of Mitzi Gordon and Keep Saint Petersburg Local.

Blooming Business (Cards)

Colorful business cards created for a colorful community-based nonprofit. Double-sided and single-sided versions of course.

Venus Business Card
Venus Business Card

Donation Drive

Still riding the success of our Localtopia appearance, I set up a donation drive to let all the folks that were interested in helping out know that Venus was accepting tax-deductible gifts. These graphics were posted on social media pages representing Venus.

As an arts organization, Venus' shopping list was unique, and I had to do a lot of consulting with the leadership of the organization to understand the needs of the group.

Wish You Were Here

I made this set of postcards​ for Venus to be sent to print for their next on-site event. Before they could host their next event, they ceased operations to keep their community safe during the pandemic. While it is disappointing that I have yet to see these designs in print I am excited to see the day they do get distributed.

Venus exemplifies the notions of a safe space and artist's haven. These postcards impressed the idea that Venus is in many ways a "cute, little artist's paradise" through the "wish you were here" notes. ​It was important to show the aura of the space through the photos on the front of the card, as well as a description of the space's amenities on the back of the card.

The rest of my work for Venus was purely digital. You can check out their Facebook page to see more!

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